Saconi Generative

Generative art collective


Our first collection, made by Primum Novens. Holmovimiento explores the factors governing the relationships of dependence or independence of various elements.

Owning a Holmovimiento will give the holder the ability to mint upcoming collections for free.


Meaning emerges from seemingly chaos, sometimes gentle, sometimes wild. 

Revolvessence is a generative collection of 3000 pieces with extreme variety. It takes you through the exploration and discovery of emerging dynamics through an unrehearsed choreography of lines and colors.

Every artwork is generated randomly and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. This art is of type p5js. Holmovimiento holders were able to mint for free.

Made in collaboration with Sunflower Industries.

Roadmap going forward

So far, we have released our initial collection (Holmovimiento) and a collaboration collection (Revolvessence) with Sunflower Industries.

We will also release five more collections. The first, Hekennen, will be inspired by outer space. We want to put a lot of effort into this collection, so we believe it will be finished in Q2 2022. We will also try to push to release the second collection by the end of Q2.

The remaining three will be released by the end of 2022. They will all be based on different motives. We will release more information going further, so stay tuned.