Saconi Generative

Art collective focused on bringing new aspiring artists to the NFT world. Our first collection, Holmovimiento, will act as a mint pass for future collections


Holmovimiento Genesis

Our first collection, made by Primum Movens. Holmovimiento explores the factors governing the relationships of dependence or independence of various elements. Owning a Holmovimiento will give the holder three main benefits:
   1. Free minting for future collections
   2. Owning 2 or more and all other collections will earn second market royalties from Holmovimiento
   3. The ability to collect second market royalties on other collections For more details, check out our White Paper:



Meaning emerges from seemingly chaos, sometimes gentle, sometimes wild.

Revolvessence is a generative collection of 3000 pieces with extreme variety. It takes you through the exploration and discovery of emerging dynamics through an unrehearsed choreography of lines and colors.

Every artwork is generated randomly and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. This art is of type p5js.

Our Team



Marketing manager

Primum Movens

Primum Movens

Software developer & Artist



Operations management

Generative art enables artists to express themselves in ways not possible through regular art. Our mission is to challenge the boundaries of generative art. The combinations of colors, shapes, movements are endless and we are here to explore them.

Our artworks will be posted on the Ethereum blockchain. Using the ERC 721 token standard, the authenticity of each artwork can be verified on the blockchain.

Our second, but equally important mission is giving away to those less fortunate. Although the world has advanced so much in terms of technology and wealth, many people still don’t have access to the essential resources needed for a normal life, such as clean water and proper education.

With each successful collection, Saconi Generative will donate $15,000 to a worthy cause.


What is an NFT?
A Non-fungible Token (NFT) represents a unique token on a blockchain. An NFT can contain many types of media, such as pictures, videos, music etc. The validity of any NFT can easily be verified on the blockchain.

How do I buy?
Our collections will available to mint on our website. For some collaborations, minting might be done on different websites. Join our Discord for more updates:

What is minting?
Minting is essentially the action of creating a NFT on the blockchain. When you mint a NFT, it will start existing on the blockchain. Our NFTs exist on the Ethereum blockchain.

What if I don’t have an Ethereum wallet?
You can easily create one by installing the browser extension MetaMask. You can download it here:

You need Metamask in order to connect to our minting website (wallets from popular crypto exchanges like Binance sadly do not have this option). There are other alternatives to Metamask, but it is the most popular option and it is the only wallet our team has used and is comfortable recommending.

What is OpenSea?
OpenSea is the most well-known and used NFT marketplace for the Ethereum blockchain. If you mint our NFT, it will show up on your OpenSea account. There you can see how it looks, how rare it is, etc.